Fab India Facial Water – Rose


Fab India Facial Water – Rose

There’s something so lovely about rose water, the hint of freshness at the end of a tiring day lifts up my spirits so well!

So in search for a good bottle of (unadultered) rose water I’ve tried quite a lot of brands and I must say, I’ve loved the one from FabIndia the most.

There’s just one ingredient in the formule – Rose Petals! How good is that!

It comes in a spray bottle so you can use it directly on your face. I love storing mine in the fridge so it’s nice and cold when I spray it.

I don’t really have much to say as it’s one of those quite a day-to-day essential products which we all use and it’s great to have something free from bad preservatives.

Thanks FabIndia, I love you 🙂



All Natural Ingredients


This smells sooo good!


Price for 100 ml bottle


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