Bio Bloom Lavender Apricot Cleansing Milk


Bio Bloom Lavender Apricot Cleansing Milk

The refreshing and relaxing benefits of lavender in a natural cleansing milk! What else do you need after a tiring day? πŸ™‚ Bio Bloom lavender apricot is one of the best cleansing milks/ makeup remover that I’ve tried and trust me as I’ve tried quite of a lot! 

I love how it smells so refreshing and it’s light consistency gets quickly absorbed in the skin and removes all the dirt from it. It leaves skin quite moisturised on its own.

This one is a little difficult to find in local cosmetic shops but can be found on online shopping websites.

It’s 100% chemical free which I really love ! Enjoy the goodness of lavender everyday.


Beautiful packaging




Free from all chemicals


Price for 100 ml


Soft lotion consistency


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