Fab India Moisturising Lotion – Wild Rose


Fab India Moisturising Lotion – Wild Rose

I love my bath and body products to be nicely fragrant and moisturising (talk about genetic dry skin!)

I got the Fab India Moisturising lotion a month back and I am in love with it! Here’s why:

Packaging: It’s a sturdy transparent plastic bottle with a pump. The cap fits well and the bottle is travel friendly.

Fragrance: It’s in the fragrance Wild Rose and smells incredibly amazing! The smell is not too strong hence doesn’t cause a headache but is a very subtle smell of rose which lingers on for most of the day.

Best for Skin Type: This is a lotion which works well for all skin types. It’s light consistency absorbs quickly in the skin and makes the skin soft and supple instantly.

Price: Rs.290 for 200 ml

I love Fab India products for their natural ingredients and high quality.




Pretty Pink Lotion with a light consistency


This smells sooo good!


Price for 200 ml

Yay or Nay? This is a good buy for a decent price! Since Fab India products are cruelty free I love trying everything from their range of bath and body products. I love the fragrance of this body lotion and it’s a good all year moisturising lotion.


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