10 Easy Healthy Swaps!

Hello there! I heard you are trying to get rid of those few sneaky kilos which you gained when you blinked? If you anything like me, there is a healthy week – where everything magically falls into place and I get in a perfect routine of regular exercise and healthy eating. However, this is mostly followed by a super junk week – where I simply refuse to workout and need a chocolate cookie every night!

The game of losing and gaining weight is never ending and some days it get really difficult to stick to a healthy diet. But there are a few easy swaps which definitely help me stay on track and make me lose weight without even trying! Pssst, works really well for lazy bums like me! haha

Interested? read on:


1. Ice Cream swaps with Frozen Yogurt and Fruit

Have those late night ice cream cravings? Ya I totally hear you! There’s nothing more comforting than a scoop of chocolate ice cream after dinner. But a scoop of ice cream equals bundles of sugar and cream loaded in calories! Frozen yogurt however is a much healthier alternative and won’t make you feel guilty the next morning.

2. Cheese swaps with Tofu/Paneer

Processed cheese is full of emulsifiers which are not good for our health, unfortunately cheese is really tasty and makes any dull dish a bright star! However, there is an alternative to this – Tofu/Panner. Both of these are rich in protein and will benefit you in many ways!

3. Fruit Juice swaps with Infused water

Now we all know that juicing fruits makes it lose all its nutrients and all that’s left behind is sugar! To curb the sweet carvings and lift up the energy, there is a better way – infused water. There are so many ways to make infused water – using fruits & herbs and they taste equally delicious!

4. Ghee swaps with Butter

I’ve recently discovered the innumerable benefits of good ol’ Indian Ghee and have started replacing butter with ghee! Regular butter consumption has been found to increase the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. Ghee (purified butter) is easily available in all Indian kitchens and is much healthier than butter. Use it to make crispy pancakes, breakfast toasts and even to heal dry skin & chapped lips 😉

5. Beer swaps with Sangria

Who needs a bloated beer belly when you can enjoy a glass of wine infused with fruits and spices instead! A glass of wine is actually good for the heart and to top it with fresh fruits makes it even better 🙂 They are pretty easy to make and are perfect for those evening parties!



6. Instant Noodles swap with Instant Oats

After a tiring day at work, all we need is a quick evening meal! And instantly we break a packet of instant noodles and slurp it up! These noodles, no matter how tasty they may be, are full of salt and unnecessary preservatives. Well the good news is that we have instant oats in multiple flavours readily available in the grocery stores! Trust me they are as delicious and filling as the noodles 🙂 Try this swap and you won’t regret it.

7. Cookies swap with Dried Fig

I know, I know, it sounds like a weird thing to swap cookies with dried fruit but it takes only a few bites to develop the taste and you won’t feel like binging on cookies ever again. How many times have we started with one little cookie and ended up finishing the entire box? Well, don’t worry, it happens with me too! However keeping a handful of dried figs right on the centre table won’t let you reach out for anything else.

8. Nutella swaps with Dark chocolate spread

Nutella has become a staple in so many houses and before we knew it we all got addicted to this sugary disaster! Nutella has very high saturated fat which is a straight door to diseases. Swap this so called “hazelnut spread” with a hommade dark chocolate spread. It takes only 2 minutes to melt dark chocolate in a microwave and it gives a very healthy alternative to those sugar toast cravings!

9. Coffee swaps with Lemon green tea

Do I really need to list down the side effects of coffee, naah I think we all are well aware of them 🙂 A great alternative (and really tasty) to coffee is a nice cup of hot green tea with lemon. It might take a few days to train your brain but you will love how happy you feel with this drink 🙂

and lastly…

10. Store bought swaps with Homemade!

It’s definitely really easy to buy stuff off the counter from the supermarket. But nothing can replace the wholesome homemade flavours – be it ground spices or purees! Everything tastes delicious when made fresh, doesn’t it? Start with small swaps and gradually step forward. You will never buy the preservative filled packaged garbage again 😉


I hope this post reminds you of living a healthy life and gives you some ideas to incorporate in your daily routine! Do share your ideas in the comments below so everyone can benefit from each other.


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