Be a Pro at Travel Packing

I don’t know about you, but packing for a vacation is one the most exhilarating experiences for me! Yes I am a nerd like that and planning in general gives a massive adrenaline rush! So when it comes to packing for a vacation, I start as soon as I buy the tickets 😀

If you are looking for some guidance or tips on packing like a pro, then read on:

Step1: Mandatory Questionnaire

To begin with the packing we need to know the following:

  1. Where is the trip? (Is it to a Beach, Mountain, City, etc)
  2. How long is the trip? (a week, 10 days, a month)
  3. What’s the weather like? (summer, monsoon, snowy)

The above answers will be the guide to our suitcase and this will ensure we pack the most appropriate stuff. I mean, I wouldn’t wanna end up with a swimsuit in Antarctica right? 🙂


Pro-tip: Use a carry on bag instead of a suitcase for vacations. This has a lot more space and can easily be carried around on your back. Roll the clothing items so they take up less space.

Step2: Pre planning the outfits

Now we all know this is a very basic step right? But how many times have we ended up wondering which top goes with which skirt and which shoes go with the outfit? Well it’s a nightmare when none of the items are good enough to be paired with each other.

Worry not! When planning the outfits, put on the items which go together and take a picture (this included the accessories, shoes and bag!) Make sure that the items you pick can be worked in more than one ways – for example, choose a top which goes well with the skirt and a pair of shorts. This will help packing a lighter bag.


Pro-tip: A jumpsuit is a great piece of clothing! During day it can be converted into shorts, a top or function by itself, and in the evening pair it with a blazer or leather jacket!

Step3: Accessorize!

Accessories are the best way to go from dull to wow! Well we don’t really end up using our jewellery on a day to day basis and it just ends up sitting in our case waiting to die. Plan the evening outfits such that you can use some of the accessories which are not used as much.

After all, vacations are a great time to experiment with our style, dress up and take tons of pictures!


Pro tip: Use a sling bag to store your accessories. This will double up as a carry on for shopping/dinner trips! Also, choose the hues of jewellery so that they can be paired with multiple outfits – a silver, a gold and a bright coloured item would go with almost every outfit 🙂

Step4: A short & sweet travel vanity

Now now now, there is no need to pack the entire bag of toiletries for a vacation. Be smart and pick up sample sized of shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, etc. I try to find the smallest sizes of hair brush, foot files and even toothpastes!

For the makeup, pick up the bare essentials. A red and a pink lipstick will go with almost every outfit. A small perfume, an eyeliner, a blush is all you need to look pretty!


Pro-tip: Use multipurpose products and don’t carry HUGE palates for everything! A dark foundation will double up as a contour kit, a lipstick goes smoothly as an eye shadow, and needless to say, a kohl makes the sexiest smokey eye! 🙂

Step4: Shoe sighting!

No matter where you are going, you only need TWO pair of shoes! 🙂

Pack a pair of flats and a pair of heels. Pink and black are the best colours to opt for as they pair well with almost every outfit.


Pro-tip: Want to carry that expensive perfume bottle? Worry not, carefully place it in a bubble wrap and tuck it in your shoes, it will stay intact. Push the shoes to the corners of your bag and they will ensure every space is used in the bag 🙂

Do remember that vacations should bring us joy not frustration. So don’t fret it you’ve left home without your headphones or your precious new jacket! There will be many more occasions to use them. Relax and enjoy your off-time with what you’ve got and enjoy the present!



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