Ghats of Banaras

There is a sense of enigma in this vintage city, a warmth of sorts which surrounds you in every tiny lane of Banaras. I find myself in the state of awe every time I hear the temple bells ringing at the ghats of river Ganga. This is a feeling which you experience once and it lives with you forever. Here are a few stills from my recent visit.


The calm of the Ganges, the boat ride at sunrise, the ever bustling Ghats, the ancient temples, the narrow alleys, the chanting of mantras, the devotional hymns – all offer a kind of mystifying experience that is unique to the city of Shiva.

Rains – Confetti from the sky

When I was in school, I loved the ‘rainy day offs’ ! It was such a delight to wake up early, get ready, reach school and to see the classrooms flooded with water and the teachers standing on the gate announcing kids to go back home 🙂 The sheer joy of having an entire day free was impeccable! On such days, mom would kindly bring bowls of hot maggi for all the kids in the family which was splendid to have on a chilly rainy day.Being a geek since birth, I loved coding on the age old desktop. I believe I had newly learned the ‘C’ language and was fascinated with the sea of possibilities of that black & white screen. There was something really pacifying about the sound of raindrops crashing on the window and the tiny noise of keys being pressed on the keyboard 🙂 #goodoldmemories

Well, now that I am adult-ish, I don’t really get a day off when it rains heavily. The irony of life is that I now get paid to code on rainy days and I hate every second of sitting in office when it rains! 😀 I can’t hear the sound of raindrops anymore, thanks to the sturdy windows of the development centres! Plus there are no eatables or drinks allowed to the workstation, consequence – No coffee! all I can do is imagine a cop of hot chocolate in my hand, while in reality I sit there freezing surrounded by the torturous air-conditioning.








Well, I guess that’s the way life works. So in order to enjoy the pleasure of a rainy day, I sometimes take a ‘sick leave‘ towards the end of the week to balance the emotions of life 🙂

On such days, I follow my heart and do what I used to do as a kid – wake up early, hop into a nice hot shower, make bubbles of my favourite rose shower gel and get ready for a super lazy day! I love snuggling in my cozy blanket with a hot cup of ‘adrak wali chai’ (ginger tea) & brown bread toast. The day is usually spent reading a book or watching YouTube videos and tiny cooking intervals.

Needless to say, I love rainy days and there is nothing more soothing than the smell of wet mitti (mud). These days are perfect to pause the ever rushing life and enjoy the little things that make me happy.

Cheers to the confetti of sky, may the magic grow stronger day by day!


Sugarbox – Monsoon Crush Edition 2016

A very wise man once said, “Love yourself, coz that is the most important relationship in your entire life!” Well that is such a delightful thought 🙂

I am a firm believer in self-love and I am always in a lookout of ways to pamper myself every now and then. You know the beautiful rush of a surprise gift? That breathtaking moment when you get a box full of goodies and you can’t wait to unbox it to discover the hidden gems in that box? I have recently realised that I kinda love surprises! So this month I decided to book the Monsoon Crush Edition 2016 of Sugarbox.

Now, if you don’t know what a Sugarbox is, then here’s some info. Sugarbox is a curated box full of exclusive goodies which are hand picked by their team of in-house stylists and epicureans. They have international offerings in fashion, beauty, lifestyle and gourmet products. Utterly delightful!

Box Preview

Sugarbox Monsoon Crush Edition 2016

Sugarbox Full View 3

So much cuteness in a box!

Sugarbox Full View 2

Surprise surprise!

As soon as I received the box I was jumping with joy. I love everything about monsoon and was really excited to see what all was present in this edition.

Take a look at the contents:


Such dreamy earrings!

A pair of pretty earrings! Such dreamy earrings which double as a showpiece in case you don’t wanna wear them 🙂 They look so pretty just lying on my vanity.

Ipad Sleeve

Beautiful Clutch / Ipad sleeve

Happy Girls are surely the prettiest! Use this as a clutch on a day out at the movies or pack your ipad and it’s as pretty as you!

Fruit Facial Kit

Fruit Facial Kit

Ah the smell of everything in this fruit facial kit is so refreshing. This would definitely be used on lazy rainy days when you just want to stay at home and enjoy a facial with a hot cuppa chai.

Jewellery Tin

Jewellery Tin

This pretty pastel pink jewellery tin has my heart. Such intricate design on the box and the 3D butterfly on the lid is magical 🙂


Pretty tassels on the Shrug/Cover up

A shrug with tassels! Score! I love these summery shrugs which come in handy for the windy weather. I can’t wait to style it with some shorts and racer back tanks!


Funky umbrella

Of course a helpful piece for the rains! This is definitely gonna turn a lot of heads on the road 🙂

Umbrella Details

Such cute graphics on the umbrella

P.S. Those cute pictures and random words! Haha!

Sugarbox Full View

Definitely crushing over this Sugarbox!

Like what you see? Book yourself a Sugarbox too!

Here’s a link to the Sugarbox website:

P.S. This is not a sponsored post and all the views are my own.