Tales & Spirits Bistro

On a surreal Saturday of May, a very dear friend of mine, Sabika and her husband paid us a visit. We went for a late lunch to Tales & Spirits located on Senapati Bapat road.

DSC_0081-001We instantly fell in love with the minimalistic decor of the place painted in white and blue. The interiors did perfect justice to the European cuisine served at the bistro. DSC_0001

With a lot of greenery around us and the charm of dream catchers hanging from the roof, everything felt magical!


We quickly ordered a few mocktails, and I must say the Iced green tea with lime and ginger juice was quite refreshing!


The food was delicious too! We ordered Basil Pesto in cream sauce, the lion burger and cajun spiced cottage cheese s/w. All the items were cooked to perfection!


It was such a delightful evening spent with this beauty! We talked for hours n time slipped through our fingers like sand! I wish we still lived in the same city and didn’t have to wait for month to catch up!


The evening ended on a sweet note with this delightful dessert, Green tea and cappuccino pastry!

Senapati Bapat Road brings back so many memories from my college days and now that  Tales & Spirits has opened their doors, I have one more excuse to visit this place more often 🙂





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